AI Challenge

Build a solution for the COVID-19 crisis

Saturdays.AI is hosting a challenge to empower YOU to take action on the COVID-19 crisis.

----- CHALLENGE -----

Propose a Data Science solution to fight Coronavirus crisis using Machine learning, Data Visualization, Deep learning, Dashboards, etc.

The last day to deliver the project is April 19th, 2020 23:59h CET

(You will receive access to our platform where you will find all the resources needed)

🏆 Reward

1k€ cash + 1k$ AWS credits + other perks to the best original solution to tackle the Covid19 problem.

Once registered, follow instructions and send your proposal to



Anyone with knowledge of data can participate, you only need to register in this form.

The submission (in english) must include*:

Open source code on Github.

Name of team members (you can add them later).

Project description.

An explicative short video.

----- PARTNERS -----

¿are you an organization and would like to join?

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