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Saturdays.AI is a non-profit in a mission to empower diverse individuals to learn Artificial Intelligence in a collaborative and project-based way, beyond the conventional education path

What AI Superpowers you will get

From building a lung nodules classifier, to a voice imitator or detecting adrift migrants in the mediterranean sea, with AI you are limitless


Computer Vision


Time Series Analysis


Some metrics about what AI Saturdays is accomplishing


Happy AI Fellows

have benefited from learning Artificial Intelligence as part of the AI Saturdays movement, creating an awesome community of AI enthusiasts and practitioners


AI Projects Delivered

high-impact AI prototypes and proof of concepts (POC) built during AI Saturdays, many for non-profit organizations and several in the progress to become Start-ups


Machine-learning Exercises

The learning experience is as good as the community that you are part of plus the lessons you follow, so in order to deliver on our promise to become AI fluent, we use the best learning resources available

12 to 15 saturdays of 5h each, learning Artificial Intelligence through coding practical exercises and building amazing AI prototypes that make a difference, all in a collaborative way within your cohort and becoming part of the awesome #AIFellows community.
Coupled with "how to" conferences, AI theory pills, hackatons and a final Demo Day to showcase your project.

Code 2 Learn

During the first half of the program we learn the foundations of machine-learning and deep-learning by coding exercises on GPU enabled environments in a collaborative way, assisted by facilitators and mentors

Build 2 Learn

In the second half of the program, we build end2end AI powered prototypes using what we learnt on the "code2learn" phase, working with the dataset and model of your choice, we address a real problem with AI

Demo Day

Finally, after completing the Saturdays sessions, we deliver a presentation on Demo Day where partners and the AI community celebrates your project showcase and what you have accomplished



Learn from where it all began and create AI



Make an impact while getting AI superpowers



Build AI for Good



Empower communities



Make a difference



AI for people, by people


Our team is passionate about AI and Human progress, we firmly believe that combining communities with technology is the best way to catalyze change to make the world a better place

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Saturdays.AI is a non-profit organization in a mission to deliver AI4Good
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