Arrival of Saturdays.AI to Ecuador

Saturdays.AI is a community-drive, non-profit and global movement committed to make Artificial Intelligence education at the quality and rigour of the world's best universities accessible to anyone for free.

Jan Carbonell (Co-founder & President), Miguel Guerrero (Co-founder) and I an ex-fellow and current leader of AI Saturdays Guayaquil, seeing that the most information and AI courses were in English and also because of their access difficulty (for not having an formed ecosystem and for high costs), we had the idea of ​​expanding this community to Latin America and help more people around the world. The first place where we decided to start was Guayaquil-Ecuador, my hometown.

When I arrived to Ecuador, I began to analyze the ecosystem and I came to the conclusion that AI did not even reach an early stage (previous phase of technology mass adoption), but here exist many innovators interested in knowing more and apply AI in their projects. That's why we decided to form a work team with some of these innovators and make reality the first Artificial Intelligence community in Ecuador.

Gustavo Cevallos and Rubén Romo were the first co-organizers, who upon hearing the idea saw that it was an initiative that added value to the ecosystem and that promotes the social and educational development of new technologies in the country.

On February 2, 2019, the first edition of AI Saturdays Guayaquil began with 60 fellows interested in this project, wishing to touch the lives of many others and with many wishes to increase our knowledge and our career in AI.

Faced with this important task, we can not wait to hear stories of how their projects would transform the lives of many people around the world, allowing people to travel in professional careers that they love, get jobs in the companies of their dreams or even get a coveted research position. It is only a matter of time before a participant of Saturdays.AI will one day become the AI Scientific Chief of a global company, or the author of an innovative NIPS article.

"Knowledge is one of the determining factors for social development. This is why AI Saturdays Guayaquil adds value to the ecosystem, by democratizing knowledge in Artificial Intelligence in our country. In the future, the ability to acquire knowledge will be more valuable than the knowledge itself and we must be prepared for it so AI Saturdays is here to help everyone."

Christian Tutivén
Country Leader