AI Saturdays Program holds on 3 pillars

We are a Machine Learning global community in a mission to empower diverse individuals to learn AI while building social impact projects

Code 2 Learn

During the first half of the program we learn the foundations of machine-learning and deep-learning by coding exercises on GPU enabled environments in a collaborative way, assisted by facilitators and mentors.
You need some knowledge in Python and handle the basics of data science libraries.

Build 2 Learn

In the second half of the program, we build end2end AI powered prototypes using what we learnt on the "code2learn" phase, working with the dataset and model of your choice, we address a real problem with AI.

We form multidisciplinary teams where diversity stands out.

Demo Day

Finally, after completing the Saturdays sessions, we deliver a presentation on Demo Day where partners and the AI community celebrates your project showcase and what you have accomplished.

To submit your project you must have presented your work in an article in our blog and publish the code in open source through Github.

An incredible learning experience

Once you start to be part of Saturdays.AI you will have access to our private platform where we digitize all the contents:
$> Recorded classes so you can see them again
$> Group mentoring sessions to develop your social impact project
$> 1000$ Cloud resources in AWS
$> Discuss forums, curated resources and more.

Machine Learning Curriculum

The program consists of a minimum of 6 weeks, which can be extended according to the criteria of the city lead

Level: beginner

Deep Learning Curriculum

The deep learning curriculum also consists of a minimum of 6 weeks. It requires a minimum of experience through key machine learning concepts, preferably through a project.

Level: intermediate